My Platform


My Record

- Monthly 'Neighbourhood Town Hall Meetings' in Ward 8

- Led the charge for the National Anthem to be performed monthly at council meetings

- Fought for water billing review

- Moved up the Cambridge Multiplex Sports Facility into the 10 year plan

- Championed overnight parking on city streets - your feedback is welcome as part of the review

- Supported expanding the contaminated site remediation program city-wide to encourage more brownfield redevelopment

- Have had discussions to start the process in implementing tennis courts, a new playground and splash pad in Ward 8

- Successfully implemented greater efficiencies in the city budget - to increase efficiencies and do more with less

- Lobbied Waterloo Regional Council to put the St Benedict's roundabout and Cambridge Biosolids Facility on hold

- I introduced a resolution at Cambridge Council (passed unanimously) asking Waterloo Regional Council for a Light Rail Transit referendum and requesting Cambridge be exempted from having to pay for trains in Kitchener-Waterloo - although the Region disagreed, at least I had the support of Cambridge Council

Goals and Issues for the 2015 - 2018 Term of Council

- Reduce speeding through greater police enforcement - consider traffic calming measures (where appropriate)

- Greater flexibility in parking while respecting the needs of emergency vehicles

- More neighbourhood recreational amenities such as tennis courts off Saginaw, a splash pad on Arthur Fach Drive, and a new playground near Can Amera - I will aggressively pursue fundraising opportunities to help make this happen

- Approve construction of a city-wide multiplex sports facility and convention center by end of term (2018)- will examine public-private partnerships

- Continued repairs to our aging infrastructure in a timely manner at a reasonable cost

- Keep spending in line ensuring public input before major expenditures

- Preserve and enhance our greenspace

- Competitive tax rates, reduced red tape, and greater flexibility (where appropriate) to attract business and create jobs

- Advocate for GO Train service to Toronto and a bypass around Cambridge

- Lobby the province to give Cambridge a greater say and to return provincial services to Cambridge

- Press Waterloo Regional Council to stop the St Benedict School roundabout and fully eliminate plans for a Cambridge Biosolids Facility at the old landfill

- 'Neighbourhood Town Hall Meetings' in Ward 8 on a monthly basis



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