Never before have I seen such an unfathomable combination of consistency and honesty, armed with profound political tact.  In the stagnant caves of the political world, Nicholas is the daring pure breeze which if followed, will lead us to the way out.  I have full confidence in his candidacy.

Adwitya Das Gupta

Recent University of Waterloo graduate

Nicholas Ermeta is an honest, forthright and hard working individual who is dedicated to the betterment of his community.  His education in and knowledge of planning and development issues would make him an informed and valuable member of Council.

Joan Keating, Professor

Urban and Regional Planning Program

Mohawk College

Out of all of the years I have known him, he has always been a persistent and determined individual.

Catherine Li

Past University of Waterloo student

I have known NIcholas Ermeta his entire life.  He is a very dedicated and sincere individual.  Always wanting the best for the people and truly concerned for their welfare.  He is very hard working and committed.  I believe he is the kind of man who would make a great city councillor.

Elisa Watson



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